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Idle Tower Builder is a game about resources gathering, managing production chains and building a tower. Game released in Aug 2020. Platforms: Android, iOS, PC, Web.


Idle Tower Builder 20 floors v.1.1.4

Gameplay video

The main objective is to build the tower, as high as possible. With every floor completion new machines and facilities are unlocked. It's possible to restart the building from the very beginning to gain the "Prestige currency", Golden Bricks and boost the production, click power and market prices.

Unlocks of machines and facilities by floor[]

Floor 0: As the games starts, the player has: Quarry, Bricks Producer, Stone Transporter, Babel Tower, and of course Coins to upgrade your machines.

Floor 1: Forest, Lumbermill, Wood Transporter, Crane

Floor 2: Water Pump, Water well

Floor 3: Drummer, Lift Engine

Floor 4: Smoke Machine

Floor 5: Elephant, Grass Field

Floor 6: Berth

Floor 7: Water extractor, Lift Engine

Floor 8: Fountain

Floor 9: Helicopter

Floor 10: Caravansary

Floor 11: Galileo, Laboratory, Science is unlocked

Floor 12: Gunpowder workshop, Cannon

Floor 13: Bungee jumper

Floor 14: Telescope

Floor 15: Clock

Floor 16: Moon stairs

Floor 17: UFO, UFO base

Floor 18: Gems Lab

Floor 19: Satellite launcher

Floor 20: Neon Lights

Floor 21: The player is invited to submit the results, but the further building can go on without limits

Other useful fandom websites to the game: time boost, free upgrade, daily bonus, artifacts, language.

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