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What are Airapport Games

Airapport has been in indie game development since 2010. The games were made in the genres: simulator, strategy, arcade, puzzle. Initially they were Web games, and since 2017 - mobile and PC games.


Here are some examples of the games.

  • 1 Steampunk Idle Spinner
  • 2 Engineer Millionaire
  • 3 20 000 Cogs under the Sea
  • 4 Idle Eaters
  • 5 Easter Eggs Assembly Line

This is a "flagship product" of Airapport idle games. This game is all about mad science and exploration of steampunk worlds. The player starts in a workshop and all what is available at first is the ingenious money-making machine. Later on, as more income is gained, engines, cogwheels, pumps, mines and other gear becomes available. Once the workshop is fully equipped…

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